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Brief Description:
myPortal is a self-service site for applicants, students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors or other designated individuals.   Access to the site may give access to applicable records, files or information kept about or for such persons at Tennessee Wesleyan University.


If you belong to one or more of these groups and are unsure how to log in, please reference the Log In Help information below. 
If none of these groups describes you but you would like more information about Tennessee Wesleyan University, please check out or the ADMISSIONS button above. 

At this time, myPortal is only available for the most recent graduates of TWC.  Those recent graduates who used myPortal as students can access the site with the same username and password used when a student. 

To reset a password, please contact .
Board of Trustees members should receive a username and password upon the initial orientation or training for new members.  Please contact for assistance if you have not received your username and password or if you have any issues with your log in.
Full-time faculty members should receive an email address. myPortal uses the same credentials as your email account. If you have trouble, please contact .

Part-time or adjunct faculty members may elect to have an email account by completing the new account for supplied by Human Resources or by contacting . Once an email account is established, then your myPortal credentials should be the same. If an email account is not elected, then a username and password can be established for you by contacting or coordinating with your academic department chair or the Human Resources Department.

Staff members who serve as academic advisors should use the same credentials as your email address.
Staff members should use the same credentials as used for the email account to access myPortal.  For assistance, please contact .
For students:
Your username is the email address given to you at a New Student Registration or at an orientation of your program. If you have not received an email address, please contact .

Your initial password is the FIRST 5 digits of your social security number. If you do not have a social security number, then it is the FIRST 5 digits of your TWC student ID#. (If your SSN begins with a 0 (zero) try the next 5 digits.) If you are unsure of your password, please contact for assistance.

NOTE: Your parents more than likely know or have access to your social security number. If you approve of your parents potentially being able to access your grades or other academic information, then keep your initial password. However, if you want to change your password, please log into myPortal, then reference the "How do I change my password?" and other FAQs here or on the FAQs for Students page.